Reaching the Lost Prayer Covenant

Anyone at Grace who is concerned for reaching the lost and not just growing a church will come together and covenant with one another to pray strategically for the lost. We believe that reaching the lost is our true calling. Reaching the lost is a matter of prayer, first and last. Now there are things we can do in the middle, but prayer is how we begin to reach the lost. We can plan our prayer for the lost. We can intentionally work that plan. We can watch the Holy Spirit at work. We can be in the right place at the right time as prompted by the Holy Spirit. We can witness changed lives and the answer to prayer. This group will meet periodically to share how we have witnessed the hand of God moving in our midst and to share answers to prayer.

Talk to Pastor Scot about being a part of this covenant group.

Park & Pray

Two or three times during the year we will produce a CD prayer guide called Park & Pray. People can get one of these, fill their car with other friends, follow the directions on the CD, and go throughout our community praying for specific locations. The CD will provide prayer ideas for each location.

Prayer Walks

Two or three times during the year we will organize prayer walks in our neighborhood and our own building.

Other Prayer Opportunities

Other prayer is taking place. (See the Bulletin for specifics)

Friday Morning Prayer at 7:00 am

Saturday Morning Prayer at 7:00 am

Sunday Morning Prayer in the Library at 8:10 am